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Humayun Ahmed

Humayun Ahmed

(November 13, 1948 РJuly 19, 2012) was a Bangladeshi author, dramatist, playwright and film director. Ahmed emerged in the Bengali literary world in the early 1970s and over the subsequent decade became the most popular fiction writer of the country. His breakthrough occurred with the help of Ahmed Sofa and the publication of his first novel, Nondito Noroké in 1972. He is also a former professor of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Notably, as of February 2004, Ahmed continued to top the best seller list of a Bangla Academy (Bangladesh) book fair, a feat that had been maintained over the previous two decades.
In 2012 Humayun Ahmed was appointed as a special advisor to the Bangladesh Mission in the United Nations.
As a writer, Ahmed often displayed a fascination for creating stories around supernatural events; his style was characterized as magic realism.


    Lekhak Shibir Prize (1973)
    Bangla Academy Award (1981)
    Shishu Academy Award
    Jainul Abedin Gold Medal
    Michael Madhusudan Medal (1987)
    Bacsas Prize (1988)
    Humayun Qadir Memorial Prize (1990)
    National Film Award (Best Story 1993, Best Film 1994, Best Dialogue 1994)
    Ekushe Podok (1994)
    ShelTech Award (2007)

Notable television dramas

    Akdin Hothat
    Abong Einstein
    Aj Jorir Biye
    Aj Robibar / Serial
    Akti Oloukik Vromon Kahini
    Ai Boishakhe
    Ai Borshai
    Ai Shob Din Ratri / Serial
    Amra Tin Jon / Sequel
    Ayomoy / Serial
    Antorar Baba
    Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Ful
    Badla Diner Gaan
    Bank Draft
    Bhoot Bilash
    Bon Kumari
    Bon Batashi
    Bohubrihi / Serial
    Bua Bilash
    Chader Aloy Koyekjon Jubok
    Cherager Doitto
    Chipa Voot
    Chele Dekha
    Choitro Diner Gaan
    Chondro Grohon
    Chondro Karigor
    Chondro Grosto
    Dui Du Konay Char
    Eki Kando
    Enayet Alir Sagol
    Goni Shaheber Shesh Kichudin
    Griho Shukh Private Limited
    Habiber Shongshar
    Hablonger Bazar
    Hamid Miar Ijjot
    Himu / Sequel
    Jahir Karigor
    Jibon Japon
    Josnar Fool
    Joota Baba
    Jootar Baksho
    Jomunar Jol Dekhte Kalo
    Jol Torongo
    Jolay Bhasha Podmo
    Kala Koitor / Serial
    Khoab Nogor
    Kothao Keo Naei / Serial
    Konay Dekha
    Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai
    Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo / Serial
    Missed Call
    Mofiz Miar Choritro
    Montri Mohodoyer Agomom
    Natto Mongoler Kotha
    Nim Ful
    Nogoray Doitto
    Nitu Tomake Valobashi / 2 Episodes
    Nuruddin Shorno Podok
    Ochin Ragini / 3 Episodes
    Openti Bioscope
    Otoppor Shuvo Bibaho
    Project Himalaya
    Pushpo Kotha
    Rumali / Serial
    Rupar Ghonta
    Rupali Ratri / 3 Episodes
    Shonar Kolosh
    Shobai Geche Bonay
    Showkot Shaheber Gari Kena
    Rubiks Cube
    Rupali Nokhkhotro / 3 Episodes
    Shopno Abong Shopno Bhongo
    Shomudro Bilash Private Limited
    Tara Tin Jon / Sequel
    Tritio Noyon
    Turuper Tash
    Vejabo Chokh Shomudrer Jolay
    Wang Pi
    Zinda Kobor
    24 Carat Man


After a nine-month struggle against colorectal cancer, he died at Bellevue Hospital in New York on 19 July 2012 at 11.20 PM BST.[1] After 12 sessions of chemotherapy, he had undergone a successful operation in June, 2012. He also had a tumor in his liver which was successfully removed. But after the surgery, he got infected with an unknown virus which quickly spread through his body. Shortly after, he was transferred to ICU after losing consciousness and it was there that he was pronounced dead. Only a day earlier his relatives informed the media that he was in a stable condition with some complications contrasting an earlier media claim that he was comatose in a critical condition.